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Friday, June 10, 2011

It's 10th June...

A Happy day as our first step towards the mission with a vision has succeed. Our NGO is finally registered and I have got the certificates from the Govt. that now officially we are called the members of SVAR Foundation.
We were waiting for this day since long and hoping that we will complete this procedure till we succeed and everything went in our favor. Its an old proverb that "When you work with dedication and hard-work, it is sure to be succeed at the End"... this is how we proved the proverb worth saying.
The sole purpose of writing blog post is to communicate with each and everyone who is one or the other way associate with this organization. We believe that "Hands that helps are much holier than the lips that Pray". We never intend to register an NGO for the sake of our past experiences while practicing Social Welfare activities but the motive of registration was certainly to look forward to achieve giant goals with a title to deal with the official hurdles which we faced earlier.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's 19th March...

Finally the day has arrived when we were all set with our paper work and ready to register our non-profit organization.
I do not want to take the whole credit on my own as its a joint venture and of course there were many prayers as many hands to fulfill the dream to serve the nation with noble cause and full of dedication.
The process was not too complicated but surely long enough to wait for two months and submit each and every paper that needed with the names of trustees and of course the Aim, Objective and Mission along with the explanation for how to achieve goals that we have mentioned in our memorandum.